The G-Man speaks for the first time in 12 years

For the first time in 12 years, voice actor Mike Shapiro has taken on the voice of the G-Man in yet another teaser ahead of the release of Half-Life: Alyx. Shapiro posted a short video on Twitter with a monologue as the character, complete with stilted tone, odd speech pattern, and all the other mannerisms that haunted the Half-Life series over the years. 

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Here’s what he says:
“Should old acquaintances be forgot, then, after so much… time. Some things can prove difficult to remember. See you in the new year. And, do prepare for… consequences, hrm? Mhm.”

Half-Life: Alyx is coming in 2020, and the G-Man will return with it—he features prominently at the end of the Half-Life: Alyx trailer. Perhaps he'll elaborate on his and Alyx's relationship, since we know they met at least once in Half-Life 2. If you’re not all caught up on Alyx, she has a new voice actor and it had to be a VR game. Here’s everything we know about Half-Life: Alyx. Also, PC Gamer staff can’t agree on whether or not Alyx should or should not have arms (in the game).

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