The Free Webgame Round-Up

Mankind has finally discovered the Yeti, hiding in the undergrowth of Kongregate – although it isn't quite what we were expecting. The mythological creature spends a lot of time helping worm-things and barely any time posing for out-of-focus photographs on snowy hilltops. Dreams: shattered. Elsewhere this week, get ready to play ccatch, fight punks in the future, and attempt to steer a crash-prone ship around a deadly obstacle course. Enjoy!

ccatch by Eduard Anton

Play it online here.

ccatch is a game about catching – or ccatching, I suppose. In this ccase, you're ccatching shapes of the same ccolour to you, while avoiding those that, well, aren't. As you do so, the ground beneath your paddle grows ever higher, and the ccatching gets increasingly difficult. Eduard Anton's compelling score-attack arcade game boasts a ridiculously catchy chiptune soundtrack, which I found more of an incentive to stay alive than my high-score. Like the best arcade/puzzle games of the 80s and 90s (Breakout, Tetris etc), ccatch makes sense the moment you begin playing, even if it isn't quite as iconic as its ancestors. (Via IndieGames )

Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti by Dustin Covan

Play it online here.

Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti – so good they named it four times. I'll admit that I don't know what the hell is going on in this beautiful, surreal, nightmarish sidescrolling story, but that's all part of the fun. You're the Yeti, and you're delivering these weird, hideous worm-things to their mothers – and then it gets even stranger than that. Creator Dustin Covan says that Yeti Yeti Yeti Yeti is “like an episode of Teletubbies directed by David Lynch” and I can't think of a more apt description. (Via Free Indie Games )

Quantum Corps by Hypnohustler

Play it online here.

A sort of auto-runner, but with gravity-flipping, slo-mo, hostages, punks, and hard-to-reach stars that give you extra points. This sci-fi-themed (it's set in a Robocop-less futuristic Detroit) action game is a little too much to take in, at least for me, but I know there'll be people who will take to Quantum Corps like a duck to quantum-entangled water. Thankfully, slo-mo makes the game a lot more manageable for the rest of us, but not so much that I can acquire the coveted Flawless Run award.

Goscurry by Holoville Games

Play it online here.

When Holoville Games' rhythm racing game informs you of its difficulty, you should probably sit up and take notice. Goscurry – the name makes me really want a curry – is brutal from the get-go, thanks to a devious camera (on the harder difficulties at least) and a miniscule margin-of-error. Even in alpha form, Goscurry is polished, gorgeous and rather hard to stop playing – sorry about that. (Via IndieGames )

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