The first 6 Final Fantasy games are getting a new lick of pixel paint

Square Enix has announced they're giving the first six Final Fantasy games a fresh lick of paint, and it seems like it's being careful to reassure us it won't be an over-smoothed, vectorized mess like the previous ports to PC and mobile.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will, presumably, keep the games' original pixel art style intact. It'll most likely be some simple upscaling and resolution touch-ups, rather than a 2.5D makeover like Dragon Quest is getting. At least it won't be whatever the smooth hell we have on Steam with the likes of Final Fantasy 6. 

The majority of early Final Fantasy games are utter gems to play through, especially Final Fantasy 4 and 6. It'll be nice getting to play them in a style closer to the original format. It's a shame most of the previous remasters have sucked, though the 3D remake of Final Fantasy 4 is actually pretty decent. 

Currently, the remaster collection has a release date of "coming soon," which hopefully means we'll see it on Steam before the year is out.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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