The first Hitman Elusive Target has been reactivated

Sergei Larin, better known in underworld circles as The Forger, was the first-ever Hitman Elusive Target. And as developer Io Interactive promised last month, he's back for a ten-day sojourn through Paris—which means you have another opportunity to put two in his head. 

The reactivated Elusive Targets will work exactly as they did the first time around, and with all the same suit unlocks, for new players and old pros who missed them the first time around. There's only one exception: If you've already undertaken an Elusive Target contract, successfully or not, you won't be able to do it again. "Your record for that contract will stand and cannot be altered," Io Interactive said

Io said future Elusive Target reactivations will be announced via the Hitman mobile companion for Android and iOS devices. A schedule wasn't announced, but you can get a rundown of who they were and when they originally appeared on the Hitman Wiki

The Forger will be in Paris for ten days, so you've got until November 27 to get the job done. Bear in mind that the contract cannot be restarted "once any targets have been eliminated or any objectives have been completed." Fortunately, this particular job only has one objective: Kill him, any way you can. 

Andy Chalk

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