The Evil Within 2 brings back the horror this October on Friday the 13th

Between a job listing months ago and a reddit ad that landed yesterday, it was a pretty safe bet that The Evil Within 2 was a real, in-development horror shooter, and not a twisted figment of our imaginations. Bethesda made it official at its E3 2017 presentation today, with an extended announcement trailer for The Evil Within 2 once again starring detective Sebastian Castellanos.

The trailer indicates Sebastian's still mucking around with the mind-bending project STEM and there are still horrible monsters to deal with. The cutscene trailer doesn't give us an idea of how The Evil Within 2 will play, compared to the first game, but we can get this plot synopsis from the trailer description:

"You are Detective Sebastian Castellanos and at your lowest point. But when given a chance to save your daughter, you must enter a world filled with nightmares and discover the dark origins of a once-idyllic town to bring her back. Horrifying threats emerge from every corner as the world twists and warps around you. Will you face adversity head on with weapons and traps, or sneak through the shadows to survive? This is your one chance at redemption, and the only way out is in."

The Evil Within 2 arrives on Friday, October 13th, the spookiest release date.

Wes Fenlon
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