The Eternal Cylinder has gotten even weirder since we first saw it

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When we first saw The Eternal Cylinder several years ago, it was pitched as a "personal project" of Ace Team founder Carlos Bordeu (and it was an "endless" cylinder back then). It looked wonderfully weird—like Ace Team was back in full Zeno Clash (opens in new tab) mode—but we weren't sure it was ever going to become a full game.

Great news: It has become a full game, and Ace Team is accepting beta test signups on the Eternal Cylinder website (opens in new tab) now. There's also a new trailer above, which was shown during day two of the Guerrilla Collective (opens in new tab) showcases today.

The premise hasn't changed since it was announced: You're an alien on an alien world that is endlessly being squashed under the weight of a giant cylinder that rolls over all vegetation and animal life that doesn't outrun it.

In the new trailer, we also see that we'll gather a family of elephant-ball aliens (I don't know what they're called, so that'll do), and "mutate" to gain new powers. At the end, a giant, naked human-like thing stomps into the picture, Attack on Titan style. Classic Ace Team stuff.

The Eternal Cylinder is releasing on the Epic Store (opens in new tab) sometime this year.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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