The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is UK Christmas number one

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - don't mess with the war walrus

For the first time in years, the game topping the UK Christmas software charts hasn't got anything to do with Call of Duty, The Sims or Fifa. Skyrim has take taken the top spot, relegating Just Dance 3 to second place. Modern Warfare 3, meanwhile, lingers in third place.

You can see the whole chart on the UKIE site . The figures won't include steam sales, which Valve tend to keep secret, though they have confirmed that Skyrim is the “ fastest selling title in Steam's history .” Skyrim is still topping Steam's top games chart .

Bethesda can enjoy an extra tankard of mead this Christmas, then. With its snowy mountain, reindeer and festive dragons, Skyrim's a great Christmas game, but we'll likely still be playing long after the holiday season has ended. We can look forward to the addition of the official mod tools early next year and, looking further ahead, we can anticipate some chunky DLC with " an expansion pack feel ," according to Todd Howard. Is Skyrim your Christmas nuimber one?

Tom Senior

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