The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off Necromancer Week with a class preview

The Elder Scrolls Online's Elsweyr expansion is little over a month away, so Bethesda's giving the new necromancer class a proper welcome this week, breaking down the lore and mechanics of Tamriel's most hated mages. Watch the goths in action in the trailer above. 

“In broad strokes, necromancy is about the creative manipulation of the soul, or animus, which is one of the basic building blocks of life in Tamriel,” explains Leamon Tuttle, ESO’s loremaster in a class preview. “Necromancers use their power to cast spells, bind souls into service, and use lesser Daedric spirits to reanimate corpses.”

Playing as a necromancer might be a bit trickier than the other classes. Necromancy is illegal, you see, so summoning an undead horror is going to send NPCs running to the cops to grass you up. Rude. You'll need to be sneaky, then, and try to keep your true nature a secret. Some powers will be less noticeable, though, letting you use them without fearing the long arm of the law. 

“A player who chooses to assume the role of a necromancer in ESO needs to understand that they’re playing something of an outlaw class,” says Ed Stark, lead content designer. “It’s similar to a player who decided to engage in wholesale crime—they’re taking on a bit of an increased risk in exchange for increased excitement.”

Steven called the criminal side of necromancy "the best thing" about the class in his Elsweyr preview. But while you might have to commit to a life of crime, that doesn't mean you have to be an evil necromancer. Like the MMO's other classes, the necromancer has several different paths for you to explore, so you can take on the role of party healer or transform into a huge Bone Goliath and just pummel things. 

Elsweyr is due out on June 4, with early access beginning on May 20. Expect more necromancer-themed videos and blog posts from Bethesda across the week.  

Fraser Brown
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