The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City DLC out next month


Ah, the Imperial City. Home to mudcrabs, crappy shacks and hundreds of potato faced citizens. That was Oblivion though. The Elder Scrolls Online's version of Cyrodill's capital sounds like it will be a whole lot worse. Currently inaccessible, the city will be part of the game's first DLC pack—titled, conveniently enough, Imperial City.

It turns out the city itself has been overrun by Molag Bal, and players entering the area will be tasked with defeating the Daedric forces—and each other.

Imperial City will add six new PvE and PvP zones, along with new dungeons in the form of the Imperial Sewers, the White-Gold Tower and Imperial Prison. Your reward for taming these areas will be new currency, weapons and armour.

The Imperial City DLC will be free to TESO subscribers, and cost 2,500 Crowns for everyone else. It's due out on August 31, and will arrive on test servers later this month.

For more details, check out the TESO site's Imperial City announcement post.

Phil Savage

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