The Elder Scrolls: Legends new expansion is now live

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Return to Clockwork City, the home of the fearsome Clockwork Dragon we told you about a few weeks ago, is now live on all platforms. The new story expansion promises "danger, wonder, and riches beyond imagination," set in the fabled city created by the dead god Sotha Sil. 

Return to Clockwork City will add more than 50 new cards to the game and 35 story missions crossing three acts. New mechanics promise to deepen the strategic complexity: Assemble will grant bonuses to the played card as well as every Factotum in the player's hand and deck, while Treasure Hunt will grant a special reward for drawing the "treasure" card. There are also new creatures called Fabricants that confer their own unique rewards for playing neutral cards. 

Those neutral cards aren't overly powerful on their own, but they "offer synergy options with the Fabricants," Paul Dennen, creative director of TESL developer Dire Wolf Digital, told us when the Clockwork Dragon was unveiled. "If you're playing those Fabricants, then you're really going to be looking deep into the card pile, looking for those neutral cards that will work well with your deck." 

All three acts of Return to Clockwork City plus alternate Laaneth card art can be had for $20, or you can pick up individual acts for $8 each or 1000 gold. 

Andy Chalk

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