The developers of The Blackout Club are working on a South Park game

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Question, the studio behind co-op horror game The Blackout Club, is hiring a lead level designer for a new game "set in the world of South Park." Though the studio includes team members who worked on previous South Park games The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole (as well as the Bioshock series, Dishonored, and Thief: Deadly Shadows), it sounds like this next South Park game won't be another singleplayer RPG.

The job description calls for experience shipping a multiplayer game, and among the responsibilities mentions the creation of "levels choc full of aesthetically compelling moments and interesting tactical choices." Having previously made a game that did some interesting stuff with multiplayer, Question would be a solid choice for a game that's not just South Park Battle Royale or whatever. Fingers crossed.

A Bloomberg story from last year about the deal South Park's creators signed with Viacom, worth over $900 million, mentioned some of that money was being invested in a videogame. However, it also suggested the game would be developed internally by an in-house studio, so unless those plans have changed there may be two South Park games currently in the works. 

That Viacom deal covered not only six more seasons of South Park, but also 14 movies for the streaming service Paramount+ that will "expand on the existing world" of South Park. Given that Question's game is described as "set in the world of South Park", it may well be part of some kind of expanded 'South Park universe' deal.

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