The Destiny 2: Fall of Osiris comic contains a secret code for a special emblem

The first issue of the Destiny 2: Fall of Osiris digital comic that Bungie announced last week is now live, and there's a surprise buried within its pages: A secret code that will net you and other intrepid Guardians who can solve its multifaceted mystery a super-exclusive emblem for The Visionary. Well, exclusive until it gets spilled all over the web, which I'm about to do...

Honesty also compels me to admit that I may have overstated the matter somewhat. There is a code, but reddit's already figured it out (it's Morse code) so you don't need to read the comic if you want the emblem but don't particularly care about whatever shenanigans landed Osiris in hot water. In fact, you don't even need to enter the game to get it. Just enter "xfvkhpn97" (without the quotes) at, and your work is done. 

You know what? You don't even need to go into the game to see the thing in action, because Tim took that step for you.   

Be aware that if you make use of the code, the emblem won't appear in your inventory but will in fact show up in your collection, under Emblems 2. There's no indication that the code offer is time-limited, but no indication that it's not, either, so you'll probably want to hit it up fairly soon.  

Thanks, Lorcan0c.

Andy Chalk

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