The Destiny 2 'Buffalo' error isn't quite dead yet

Bungie released a Destiny 2 hotfix last week called "the one about Buffalo," which it said "resolved an issue that was causing additional Buffalo errors on PC." Except, as the studio noted in the most recent round of This Week At Bungie, it didn't

It sounds like the underlying cause of the error, which "appears to players who are not signed in with their platform account, or [when] their platform services are undergoing maintenance," has been fixed, but the code is continuing to pop anyway: Bungie said that some players are still encountering "erroneous Buffalo errors ... caused by alternate factors" related to network stability or having multiple PCs connected to the game over a LAN. 

"Please follow steps within the Network Troubleshooting Guide to ensure you've applied the correct settings for Destiny 2 gameplay," Bungie wrote. "Additionally, follow steps for configuring UPnP if you have multiple PC’s on the same network." 

A handful of other relatively minor but potentially infuriating problems (especially that second one, believe me) have been added to the list of known issues: 

  • Faction Rally Tokens: We have identified an issue where Faction Rally tokens are removed when players create new characters within Destiny 2. We are seeking to resolve this issue prior to the first Faction Rallies event of Season 2.
  • "Leviathan" Raid: Calus may sometimes become immune to damage during the final phase of the encounter.
  • Black Screen when Loading into the Tower: Players may sometimes encounter a black screen when loading into the Tower. This may resolve itself after one minute, or players may workaround this issue by visiting an alternate destination and loading into the Tower once more.
  • Bright Engram Ornaments: Sweet Business and Sturm ornaments within the Bright Engram may display “Already added to Collection” before a player acquires these items. This issue does not prevent players from earning these items.
  • Hunter Survivalist Perk: The Survivalist perk on legendary Hunter leg armor does not grant the intended Recovery stats.

Bungie said that update 1.1.0 and hotfix 1.1.1 will be released in the coming weeks "to address some known issues alongside the release of the Curse of Osiris." That expansion is set to go live on December 5; we recently shared some thoughts on the new Mercury destination it will add to the game.

Andy Chalk

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