The Dark Pictures: Little Hope has been delayed

(Image credit: Bandai Namco, Supermassive Games)

Supermassive Games has delayed the second part of its eight-part Dark Pictures anthology, Little Hope.

In an announcement posted to Twitter, Supermassive's CEO Pete Samuels cites the COVID-19 pandemic and changes to working remotely as the cause of the delay, saying "our priority, throughout, has been the safety of our team".

As a result, the game has now slipped from its summer release window to an autumn 2020. While plenty of studios have adapted well to the change to working from home, it must be especially difficult for studios like Supermassive, who pioneer motion-capture technology in games. You can't really socially distance when putting the tracking equipment on an actor.

Little Hope is set to ditch the ship-based horror of its predecessor Man of Medan, and instead focuses on a town in New England that has a dark history of witchcraft. If it's anything like Man of Medan, or Supermassive's other games Until Dawn and Hidden Agenda, you can expect a lot of jump scares, fantastic atmosphere building, and branching, decision-driven storytelling.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is due this autumn.