The Cycle is a 'competitive quester' coming from Spec Ops studio Yager

Spec Ops and Dreanought developer Yager Development is working on a new PvEvP shooter called The Cycle, a game it describes as a "competitive quester." Players will form alliances, and break them, as they struggle to get rich or die trying on the extraordinarily inhospitable planet of Fortuna 3. 

Fortuna 3 was terraformed by aliens long ago, you see (and yes, I know it's not "terraforming" if non-humans did it but we'll just roll with it for now), but the Cycle—"world-spanning storms that kill anything dumb enough to set foot planetside"—ensures that nobody can actually live there. The compromise solution for people who are dumb enough to set foot on it (that would be you, by the way) is life on the rundown Prospect Station, punctuated by occasional jaunts below. 

Why? Money, of course. "The planet’s full of exotic materials that the major galactic factions pay serious credits for," Yager explained. "When the Cycle breaks, that’s your window to get down there and get to work. Just watch out for the competition—the long arm of the law doesn’t reach out this far." 

Those factions will also be quite happy to sell you better gear, which will help you collect even more resources to exchange for more money and still better gear, and around and around it goes. It sounds like a fairly standard loot-shooter, but Yager is pushing the "strong focus on emergent social dynamics" as the big hook. In that way, it comes off more like a cross between Monster Hunter: World and Hunt: Showdown, but without the limitations of preset partnerships. 

"These social dynamics add a special twist to the game," Yager managing director Timo Ullmann said. "Players strive to achieve objectives while making and breaking temporary alliances. Anyone can attack anyone, and anyone can ally with anyone. Players can be cooperative and competitive at the same time. So, if you meet new players on your way, anything can happen." 

Closed alpha testing of The Cycle is expected to begin in August, and you can sign up to take part (and learn more about the game) at It's also listed on Steam, with an Early Access availability date of "end of 2018."

Andy Chalk

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