The Crew 2 gets a free weekend

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Easter has long been synonymous with a) Jesus Christ, b) hollow confectionery, and last, but certainly not least, c) not-very-well-received online racing games from Ubisoft. By now, I take it, you've got the first few things covered, and Ubisoft has your back with the latter. They've made The Crew 2 free from April 9 (yesterday) to April 13 (Monday), giving you a long weekend's worth of racing to do, without having to fork out for the privilege. Lovely stuff.

I wonder how the game has changed since Andy Kelly decided, in his review, that it was a road trip not worth taking. Nearly two years have passed since then, and The Crew 2 has since been embiggened with various updates, including the recent Inner Drive, which added new vehicles and vanity items, and reworked the avatars, among other things.

The Crew 2 is also on sale over on Ubisoft's store, at 75% off, so if you want to carry on after the weekend, you'll be able to do so pretty cheaply. But before then, you can sign up to the free weekend here. (Thanks, GameSpew.)

Tom Sykes

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