The complete Valve Index VR kit is back in stock in the US for $999

(Image credit: Valve)

Back in May, Valve opened up preorders for its Index VR bundle, which includes the headset, two controllers, and two base stations. Despite the high $999 asking price, it sold out in less than an half an hour in the US, with those orders being scheduled to ship "by September 30." Well, fast forward to today and the complete Index VR kit is now available to purchase in the US.

These are not preorders this time around. In an emailed statement, Valve said the bundle "is now available for immediate shipping in the US," with the product page estimating delivery at 4-8 business days.

It's not clear how many of the full bundles Valve made available the first time around. (We asked but never got a response.) Even if it was just a few hundred, the fact that it sold out so quickly in May can be viewed as a good sign, both for the Index and VR in general.

Pricing aside, the Index is also a great headset. Bo reviewed it last month, calling it a "fantastic pile of the tech and the most luxe VR experience available." It's just a tough sell at more than double the cost of the $399 Rift S.

Those who are looking to piecemeal their way into the Index can reserve individual pieces. The headset by itself runs $499, the controllers cost $279, and the base stations run $149. Valve also has an option to purchase the headset and controllers without base stations for $749. None of those are actually available to ship, though.

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