The best of QuakeCon cosplay

QuakeCon 2019
(Image credit: Ian Birnbaum)

QuakeCon is famous for being the largest LAN party in North America, but it's also a big community event for cosplayers interested in characters owned by Bethesda: Doom, the Elder Scrolls, and Fallout in particular. 

They definitely showed up in force this year. Here are the best cosplay characters we met at QuakeCon 2019. If you want a closer look, you can click the icon in the lower right for the option to view these photos full-size. You can also check out our gallery of the best custom PCs from this year's QuakeCon.

Note: while we did speak to each cosplayer to ask them if we could photograph them for PC Gamer, we unfortunately did not get their names. We're sorry! If your picture is included here, please contact us (hit up Chris via email: and we'll update this gallery!