The Architect: Paris asks you to redesign the City of Lights

If you're bored of plonking down ready-made buildings in your favourite city-building sim then you might enjoy The Architect: Paris. In this game you design and manage individual buildings and seed them into custom districts in an effort to create the perfect Paris.

It's going to be tough, by the sounds of it. You have to contend with climate change, energy crises, social upheaval and population surges to keep the city humming along. The trailer shows ambitious scope. The game transitions from modern architecture to a futuristic city buzzing with jets.

“The Architect: Paris is an out of the box, innovative game that aims to shake the foundations of the genre," says Enodo Games president Jean-Baptiste Reynes in a statement from the publisher, Focus. 

It's a lovely trailer, and it will be interesting to see how the game models the social problems described in the video. No word on a release date yet, but keep an eye on the official site for more.

Tom Senior

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