The 100 Game Giveaway: Day 2 (US Only)


The 100 Game Giveaway is back! Today we're showering strategy fans with 10 codes for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and 10 codes for Total War: Shogun 2. And all you have to do is “like” PC Gamer (in the highly unlikely event that you haven't already), and then comment on our Facebook post . Anybody who comments is automatically entered to win. One comment per gamer please – but you're welcome to come back tomorrow for yet another 20 free games! Click Read More to see the extra details, and a list of yesterday's winners!

Remember, if your Facebook page is set to refuse messages from people who are not your friends, we will be unable to contact you with your prize and we'll have to disqualify you, so tweak those settings before you enter.

And as always, we apologize to non-US residents for the exclusion.

Yesterday's winners:

Mark Anthony Decubellis

Melodie Hardwick

Andrew Resnick

Matthew Prier

Wil Ray

Matt Craig

Stephen Jefferies

Josh Green

Simon F

Isis Kristel

David Humphrey

Jake Sears

Maku Bex

Jay Michael Patrick Drake

Ivan Re

William Yeu Song

Michael Baello

Joshua Jordan


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