Test Drive Unlimited 2 server problems getting patched. Sunglasses stuck to racer's faces

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Thumbnail

Test Drive Unlimited 2's launch has suffered something of a false start. Some players can't log into the servers. Others can't remove sunglasses from their faces. We're not sure which is more upsetting. We guess it depends on the brand of shades and the weather at the time.

Read on for details and the developer's estimate for a potential fix.

Community Team Lead, GMDestra, has been keeping frustrated racers updated on the Official forums .

At present, Test Drive Unlimited 2's online component is something of a mess, with issues ranging from players getting stuck on the game launcher, to cosmetic glitches while driving. Certain features have been temporarilly disabled as the team struggle to patch the online component, including Car Clubs (read: mini-guilds) and My TDU2Life (read: fake car-centric in-game Facebook).

Some users are reporting corrupted save files and mysterious Lancia Deltas with glitchy purple wheels roaming around Ibiza. The problems are present on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC versions of the "Massively Open Online Racing®" game.

We've delayed our review for the meanwhile, but will get it online as soon as we can prise these Ray-Bans from our foreheads.