Tera's Argon Queen update to take the throne August 22

Something with Argon and how it's a noble gas... and she's the queen of... never mind. That lead-in was doomed to fail from the start. And players of Tera will likely be as doomed to fail (at least on the first few tries) when the Argon Queen update launches on the 22nd. En Masse is calling it the largest update yet, and is set to bring a new tier of endgame content and a new kind of PvP. To get as many players as possible into the new content, it is also incentivizing XP gorging with a "Race to Max Level" event that is already underway.

From now until the 21st, players will be able to grab special consumables from in-game quartermasters to make the leveling experience faster. Anyone who manages to hit the cap by Patch Day's Eve will be rewarded with a handful of quality of life items that summon some useful NPCs (normally only found in towns) right to you in the field. All of this is in preparation for players to face a new tier of content with a new tier of rewards.

Also coming are some new skills for Warriors and Lancers, two of the game's melee classes, and a new resource called Resolve that will make them less mana-dependent. They'll be able to put these fresh tricks to use in new, 15-on-15 PvP battlegrounds as well, which feature cross-server matchmaking and giant, neutral monsters to add a little more chaos to the situation. For the full details on the update, check out the page on Tera's official site.