Tens of thousands of EVE pilots fight over Delve region

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Reports have reached PC Gamer's deep space monitoring stations in EVE that possibly the largest multiplayer war in gaming history is taking place over the Delve region. The initiators of the conflict, Reddit-based Test Alliance Please Ignore, produced the following video explaining the origins and nature of the conflict, now estimated to involve over 50,000 players.

The war began when members of the Test Alliance Please Ignore (known in-game as "testies") jumped into another alliance's system, looking for a fight. When no one came out to fight them, they started destroying their equipment and stealing items. That woke the defending alliances up, who are now appearing in full-force to defend their sector of space.

If you needed proof that this war is going to be epic, it already has its own ballad , recorded by a player and published online.

Honeybadgers, and the CFC (which includes the infamous Goonswarm Federation) quickly joined the Test Alliance Please Ignore's rampage, and the Delve Residents, as well as SOCO, Raiden, and Solar alliances, are rallying all the allies they can. Wars of this size in EVE can take weeks, so if you're planning a vacation to Delve or any surrounding system in the near future, fly softly and carry a big railgun.

Our in-game war correspondents have plotted a course, and will keep you up to date on the events as they unfold.