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With a move towards mandatory SSD requirements for games like Starfield, PC gaming is hitting a hardware event horizon that'll be throwing some gamers still clinging to older budget builds in disarray.

Upgrades are getting mandatory for anyone wanting to stay current with their PC Gaming library—even with upscaling tech making strides, devs start banking on it for gamers to run their titles at all. Now we get to have wars over which scaling tech comes with which game, which definitely hasn't become exhausting already.

On the plus side, it's no longer hard to get your hands on the newest generation of consoles—the siren song of exclusives like Spider-Man 2 draws some gamers towards team PS5, while the Xbox Series X lays claim to Starfield. The Steam Deck's a decent option, too, recently verifying one of our favourite games this year, Baldur's Gate 3. It's not the only option, with a landslide of handheld all-in-ones like the Ayn Odin and ROG Ally hitting the market this year.

As we collectively start scraping our savings and searching for deals, we'd like to hear your views on handheld gaming PCs, hardware, where you're getting your gaming fix—all that good stuff. If you can spare a few minutes to fill out a survey, you'll be in with a chance of winning a $300 Amazon voucher (or £250 if you're in the UK).

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When was the last time you upgraded your setup? What handheld PCs have you heard about? Where do you play your games right now? Let us know what you're up to by following the link below.

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Don't forget to share your thoughts with us before the survey closes September 26, 2023. Good luck!

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