Teardown's campaign now complete with flamethrowing robots and tornadoes

Teardown is a chaotic, destructive sandbox and a great puzzle game. From launch the game found a sizeable and dedicated player base that loves experimenting with its collapsible environments, a side of the game that the newly released Part 2 update leans into: It basically goes full Garry's mod, with rocket-boosters and wire-propelled catapults.

This release is marked '0.9', as Teardown ostensibly remains an Early Access game, and contains the second half of the game's campaign. "We are pleased to bring you an update packed to the brim with exciting stuff," writes the developer in a post accompanying the release. "New locations, new mission types, new tools, new characters, robots (!), and a whole lot of mayhem!"

As you can see in the above video, these ED-209-like robots stomp about with flamethrowers and machine guns, but can also be tossed about in various amusing ways: picked up by a crane; tossed into the sea by a nearby explosion; run over by a tank.

Threatening looking robots in Teardown.

(Image credit: Tuxedo Labs)

The completed campaign has two new environments, a new mountain base with frosty snowstorms and a tropical island of lush jungle and big posh boats that features tornadoes. These weather effects can also be applied across Teardown's existing environments, and one of the main things about its additions is what the game's modding community will build with them: Something that developer Tuxedo labs has gone out of its way to support.

"Apart from the campaign, we are also adding to the modding functionality, with the biggest additions being the support for built-in pathfinding and for modders to create their own robots!"

Teardown's next big update will see it finally hit 1.0 and leave Early Access.

Rich Stanton

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