Team Fortress 2 Christmas update adds new map, mode and items

Team Fortress 2 christmas event

The Team Fortress 2 Christmas event launched this weekend giving everyone a chance to celebrate Christmas in true Team Fortress style. The update adds a new medieval, melee-only map and a series of mysterious festive crates that can be unlocked to reveal new items, which are also available to buy now in the Mann Co store. It's all in the spirit of Australian Christmas. What the hell is Australian Christmas? Read on for details, and an overview of the new items.

It's all explained on the official Team Fortress 2 blog . Australian Christmas seems to be an excuse for everyone to meet up in a castle and bash each other. The new arena is a control point map is set in the ramparts of a medieval fortress. The catch is that everyone playing has to use melee weapons. The frenzied scenes of players running in small circles trying to decapitate each other are only improved by the the addition of lordly language to everyone's text chat. Verily, 'tis hilarious.

The update adds three new item sets for the Heavy, the Medic and the Demoman. You'll find the stats of each item listed below. All the Christmas items are for sale in one £19.99 bundle, or you can pay £29.99 and get the Christmas items bundled in with the Polycount Pack . Below you'll find an overview of the new items along with descriptions of their special abilities.



  • A medieval bonesaw
  • On taunt, applies a healing effect to all nearby allies

Crusader's Crossbow

  • A medigun mounted onto a crossbow stock
  • Fires bolts that heal team mates and deal damage based on the distance to the target

Berliner's bucket helm

  • Medieval helm

Item set bonus

  • Medic wearing all items will regenerate 1 health every second


The Brass Beast

  • Gleaming brass minigun
  • +20% damage done
  • 50% slower spin up time
  • -60% slower speed while deployed

The Buffalo Steak Sandwich

  • A great big hunk of steak
  • When consumed, temporarily increases movement speed.
  • All damage dealt and taken will be minicrits
  • Can only use melee weapons

The Warrior's Spirit

  • Hand mounted bear claws
  • +30% damage done
  • -20max health on wearer

The Big Chief

  • Native American Headdress

Item Set bonus

  • +5% critical hit damage resistance on wearer


The Loch-n-Load

  • Double barrelled grenade launcher
  • +10% damage done
  • +25% projectile speed
  • -60% clip size
  • Launched bombs shatter on surfaces
  • +25% damage to self

The Ullapool Caber

  • A stick bomb that is also a melee weapon "a sober person would throw it"
  • No random critical hits

Scotch Bonnet

  • Riot gear helmet

Item Set Bonus

  • +10% fire damage resistance on wearer

A series of festive crates will also be dropping from now until new year. To open these crates you'll need to buy a festive key from the Mann Co store for £1.99. The crates will contain a random surprise, so far people have reported receiving rakes, candy canes and occasionally, one of the new Christmas weapons. The festive crates will disappear on December 31st. All festive keys will revert to ordinary keys come new year's day.

For more Team Fortress 2 Christmas happenings check out the Killing Floor goodies that were recently added. Have you played the new map? Let us know what you think.

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