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Tank-fighting JRPG Metal Max: Xeno Reborn is coming to PC

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Tank-fighting JRPG Metal Max Xeno is getting a PC port.

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn (opens in new tab) will bring the 2018 PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita release over to Steam to celebrate the series' 30th anniversary. If you've never heard of Metal Max until today, don't fret—the games have had minimal presence in the West, with Xeno: Reborn only being the third game in the series to receive a release outside of Japan. It's the first game to get a PC release too, having spent its life on Nintendo and PlayStation systems, as well as mobile.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Metal Max Xeno puts you in the steel-toed boots of Talis, his trusty tank, and a literal dog with a rocket launcher strapped to its back. Rounding up a crew of survivors, the story centers around taking revenge on a supercomputer and all its machine minions. Tanks play a huge role in combat, with the ability to scavenge parts and new vehicles entirely. The most important question though—can you pet your dog friend? Yes, yes you can.

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn hits Steam sometime in 2022.

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