Take On Mars update adding Steam Workshop support, future plans include new environments

Bohemia have announced that they're launching a "major update" to Take On Mars later today, which will add Steam Workshop support to the sciency sim. With Workshop integration, players will be able to share new scenarios, and make use of new terrain and models. So if you've been put out by the game's flagrant disregard for a particular pattern of brown rock or dust, you've now got the opportunity to take matters into your own hands.

You'll find the Take On Mars Workshop page here , once the lumbering Steam giant has woken up and made it live. Once they do, you'll be able to download a mod pack from the development team, which adds a new crater location, a buggy, and some customisation options. Today's patch also brings new side-missions, and various bug fixes.

Bohemia have also announced a much bigger update to the core game, called Deimos, which will be made available on October 3rd. This will add two new locations, a vehicle designed for zero gravity use, and a mission generator that "dynamically creates photo, exploration and analysis tasks around the player's location." There's also some extreme weather effects planned, along with an overhauled failure system to be battered by it.

You can read more about the two updates over at the game's patch announcement page .

Phil Savage

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