Survivor mode and 4K textures arrive in Far Cry Primal

FCPrimal 2016-02-25 14-12-49-25

Far Cry Primal's Survivor mode has arrived in a free patch for all, making the Stone Age a touch more barbaric. It's joined by an unexpected upgrade to 4K textures, if you've got the rig for them, giving you some prehistoric eye candy.

On starting Survivor mode you'll find yourself with a stamina bar that drains with just about everything you do. Food fixes that, as does sleeping. It's best not to let it get low, or you'll find yourself staggering about limply before being mobbed by wolves.

Oros itself is more sparsely populated, but everything that did want to eat you is now hungrier and likes to come out at night. Those nights are darker and longer. Your food and crafting resources, on the other hand, are harder to find. There's no minimap either, so I hope your sense of direction is good.

Two varieties of permadeath are on offer: your traditional one-life-only mode, and Second Chance, in which an extra life will regenerate after a certain amount of progress (you wuss). Alternatively, you can keep permadeath off. Here's a cave painting with the full rundown:

Far Cry Primal survivor infographic