Sunless Sea’s Zubmariner expansion release date set for October

First announced last October, and first teased at the start of this year, Sunless Sea’s first expansion, Zubmariner, has its seabed-scouring sights locked on a release date just under two months from now. The latest trailer teases exactly when. Ahoy:

October 11, then, is when we’ll plunge ourselves into the depths and tentatively comb the world that lives beneath Fallen London. Much like its base game, we’re told excruciating decision making awaits, not to mention the odd encounter with some distinctly terrifying “zee-beasts”—some of which we’ve spied already.  

As if that prospect wasn’t frightening enough, deep-diving means you’re limited by oxygen, swallowed by darkness, and reliant on the reach of your sonar to highlight surrounding items/flora/wreckage/monsters. 

Procedurally-generated seascapes add further challenge still, with diving changing “the whole flow of the game”, according to Failbetter Games' Liam Welton. 

“Beneath the Unterzee it’s dark, hostile, littered with plunderable wrecks and haunted by the worst horrors of the Neath,” says the expansion's narrative director Chris Gardiner. “You aren't meant to be down there. You're a trespasser. But that makes you both sacred and profane to those who dwell below. 

“The ports on the zee bed are a level weirder than those on the surface, and their inhabitants have been changed by the deeps.Some are hiding, some are hateful, some are mad. Some are all three, and have very big ambitions. Players may have something to say about that."

Have your say when Sunless Sea’s first expansion Zubmariner docks on GOG, The Humble Store, and Steam for £7.99/$10.99 on October 11. Those who purchased the base game via Early Access will receive it for free.