Sumo Digital working with 2K on two unannounced projects

Sumo Digital's Sheffield HQ (Image credit: Sumo Digital)

Sumo Digital is hiring up as it goes into production on two new projects published by 2K. According to job postings, one of these projects might be a first-person live service action game on PC and current consoles.

"We’re delighted to be working with 2K and look forward to disclosing details of the projects in due course," said Sumo Digital managing director Gary Dunn in the announcement on Sumo's website.

The announcement specifies that these projects are under production at Sumo's Sheffield studio and Red Kite Games, which the company acquired earlier this year. Red Kite previously worked on a few high-profile games like God of War 3 Remastered and the mobile game Call of Duty: Strike Team.

Sumo isn't ready to reveal the details of its new projects yet, but they might be hinting at one of them in plain sight. Job postings at Sumo Sheffield repeatedly allude to a first-person multiplayer action game. In one posting for a technical director, Sumo would prefer if applicants have experience in "first-person action" games and "games as a service." That's not exactly subtle.

Remember Dead Island 2?

Remember Dead Island 2? (Image credit: Deep Silver)

To round up a few more hints, this other technical director posting asks for experience in live service games, this animator position calls for first-person experience, and these programmer positions prefer experience with multiplayer games.

The evidence definitely points to Sumo developing some sort of live first-person action game, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's one of the 2K projects. Though, the timing is suspect. For all we know, Sumo could still be making Dead Island 2.

Morgan Park
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