Stronghold 3 Steam pre-orders come with free copy of Stronghold

Stronghold 3

Seige sim Stronghold 3 is available to pre-order now on Steam . Anyone buying the game before it's released later this year will get a bonus Tower of London level, and a free copy of the original Stronghold. While you won't get the sequel until it reaches its enigmatic "Q3" release date, you'll be able to download and play the 2001 medieval city defense sim right away.

The Stronghold games are all about building a medieval complex capable of withstanding any enemy attack. While keeping external forces at bay, you'll have to satisfy the peasants within by throwing jousting festivals, or holding public executions if you're a meanie. The third game is set to add new building tech to streamline fortress construction, and night-time battles will add some extra drama, because war is scarier in the dark. You'll find some fresh Stronghold 3 screenshots below.

Tom Senior

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