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Strategy-RPG Expeditions: Rome will let you battle and charm your way to victory this year

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Logic Artists has announced the newest game in its Expeditions series, this time taking place in Roman times.

Strategy-RPG Expeditions: Rome pops you in the sandals of a young soldier whose father has been recently murdered, forcing you to flee and take refuge in a military campaign aiming to take down a Greek rebellion. 

Previous games in the series covered the Conquistadors and Vikings, and we dubbed the latter one of the most historical games on PC (opens in new tab), and the most historically accurate Viking romp. 

"I was impressed immediately by how apparent it was that the designers of Expeditions: Viking put stereotypes out of their mind and hit the books," Leana said back in 2017. "As my primary historical interest area, I have a high standard for games about the Viking Age, and this one really has you doing a lot of the things a viking ruler would have actually found him or herself doing."

As those familiar with the series will know, it's not just about crushing as many enemies as you can. Expeditions: Rome will focus on the choices you make—like the way you speak to your fellow soldiers, what side of the political spectrum you lean on and the way you conduct yourself within the ranks.

There's full character customisation, weapons and armour to loot and a selection of different companions to take on your journey to conquer Rome. The game won't just take place within its confines either, instead carting you all around the globe, including North Africa, Greece and Gaul.

There's no firm release date yet, but Logic Artists say it's scheduled to release later this year.

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