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Strange Brigade gets some cowboy DLC and free maps

Strange Brigade, the supernatural co-op shooter, is getting a bunch of new maps, missions and an additional character across the coming months. Some of it will be part of the game’s season pass, but the maps for the score attack and horde modes will be free for everyone. 

Right now, season pass holders (or anyone who shells out for the individual DLC) can play as the Texan cowboy, Patrick ‘Bash’ Conaghan. He’s got a stetson, a magical amulet and a fine moustache. In October and November, you’ll also get access to a new campaign: Thrice Damned. It will be split into three campaign missions and accompanied by some character packs with new guns, powers and heroes. 

If you don’t fancy shelling out for all of that, there are still those new maps that you can get your hands on. For score attack missions, you’ll be able to play on three additional maps, while horde mode gets one extra. They’re available now. Six more score attack maps are also on their way, launching across the next couple of months, along with three more horde maps. 

In his Strange Brigade review, Ian called it a “bare-bones basic shooter that's good for some fun with friends” that’s not very much fun solo. So bring some mates. 

Fraser Brown
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