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Stephen Fry has a cameo in Destiny 2: Warmind

As you're playing through Destiny 2: Warmind, you will eventually, as did our groundbreaking guardian and global editor-in-chief, come across a voice with an oddly familiar, posh English tone. And you may then think to yourself, as he did, "I wonder if that is actually the voice of Stephen Fry?" If you find yourself in that position, then congratulations on your sharp hearing: Bungie has confirmed that it is indeed the actor, who you'll likely know from the Blackadder TV series. 

(Slight spoiler here, so be off if you don't want to hear it.) 

Fry provides the AI voice of the public address system at the Clovis Bray facility on Mars during the Will of the Thousands mission. (Will of the Thousands being a reference to Xol, Will of the Thousands, one of the five Worm Gods of the Hive, who Bungie teased in yesterday's launch trailer.) It might be that Fry actually is the voice of Clovis himself, the founding father of the Golden Age tech corporation. After all, you might as well record yourself for posterity.

Our crack squad is still playing through the Warmind content, but so far the report from the front is positive: "Short but fun, with some nice quality of life changes" is the summary as it stands. Also, Tim got his first Exotic catalyst, for Crimson, while playing the Escalation Protocol hored mode—so at least you know he's having fun.