Stellaris: Utopia developer diary breaks down the incoming expansion

Paradox's space-faring 4X-meets-grand strategy affair Stellaris is set to welcome its first major expansion, named Utopia, on April 6. It's today launched an in-depth overview developer diary of what we should expect. 

Inside four minutes, game director Martin Anward explores Utopia's megastructures, Dyson Spheres, ring worlds, Habitat Stations and more. Over to him:

From that, Anward's explanation of the expansion's indoctrination feature sounds interesting. "Indoctrination [is] a feature in Utopia where you can use your observation stations to influence the ethics of primitive species," he says above. "By using the indoctrination mission, you'll be able to shift their ethics towards your own over time, making them think and act like you, preparing them for enlightenment or annexation."

From there Anward goes onto discuss how the add-on's new Hivemind empire operates, which equally sounds intriguing. Tune in around the 2.10 mark to catch that. 

For a complete and comprehensive analysis of everything else Stellaris: Utopia promises, check out grand strategy expert T.J. Hafer's thorough examination this-a-way. Utopia is due this week, April 6, and will cost $19.99/€19.99.