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Stellaris reveals 'economy-focused' MegaCorp expansion

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You've befriended the stratosphere's gentle giants, and have made peace with your space angry neighbours (opens in new tab)—what's left to conquer on your Stellaris journey? The financial market, reckons Paradox. 

Stellaris has unveiled its "economy-focused" MegaCorp expansion, a "revolutionary new way to conduct business on a galactic scale by seamlessly synergizing new markets and city planets with state-of-the-art citizen solutions and more marketable human capital."   

And if that reads like the Financial Times, know that in practice MegaCorp tasks players with establishing interplanetary economies. You'll erect trade buildings, head companies as CEO, secure trade agreements, and strive to build your planet and ever-growing financial network's value. 

Here's a teaser which doesn't really talk about any of that:

No release date as yet, but Paradox says the MegaCorp Expansion will cost £15.49/$19.99. It'll also launch alongside a free but comprehensive update for the Stellaris base game.