Steam sale on base-building games includes new releases and old favorites

space base on alien planet
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There are some great deals on base building games, colony management games, and city builders on Steam this week, running until January 30.

In addition to the big seasonal Steam sales every year, there are lots of smaller Steam events scattered around the calendar. From today until January 30 it's Steam Base Builder Fest, featuring deals on base builders, colony builders, and city builders. If you like building stuff, in other words, you should take a look at the discounts and free demos available this week.

The Base Builder Fest includes deals on old favorites like Cities: Skylines and RimWorld, but there are also discounts on some brand new games like Farlanders and Surviving the Abyss, both of which just came out last week. There are discounts on a couple of games that are only a few months old like Stranded: Alien Dawn, which I've been having a blast with. And there are free demos to try for base builders that haven't launched yet, like Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles and SteamWorld Build, the new city builder just announced today.

Here's a few games that caught my eye in this Steam sale to get you started:

Sales on new base builders:

Sales on old favorites:

New demos of upcoming base builders

If that's not enough base building goodness for you, check out the rest of the Steam Base Builder Fest

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