Steam is having an LGBTQ+ games sale

(Image credit: Valve)

In honor of the USA's just-passed National Coming Out Day on October 11, Steam has put a bunch of games by LGBTQ+ developers or about LGBTQ+ themes on sale. The sale (opens in new tab) runs until October 15, although some games will remain discounted until October 16.

Among the discounts are 69% off dad-dating sim Dream Daddy (opens in new tab) (nice), 65% off Mount Your Friends (opens in new tab), half-off the catalogue of Love Conquers All games Ladykiller in a Bind (opens in new tab), Analogue: A Hate Story (opens in new tab), and Hate Plus (opens in new tab), as well as Coming Out on Top (opens in new tab) and the cyberpunk AF Red Strings Club (opens in new tab). Oh, and Life is Strange is 80% off (opens in new tab) as well. This promotion has vanished off the front of Steam now but here's the sale page (opens in new tab).

The LGBTQ+ sale is already showing that games which normally don't typically receive much attention from the big old carousel at the top of the store page are capable of doing well when they are highlighted, as Emma Maassen of Kitsune Games (currently working on 2D platformer Lore Finder (opens in new tab)) shows.

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Jody Macgregor
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