Starfield is going to Gamescom, but not with new gameplay

Starfield - A Constellation member with short blonde hair and a red leather jacket
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Even after its big 15 minute reveal this summer, everyone is begging for more Starfield details. Fans spotted a mention of Starfield gameplay being shown during an on-site Gamescom fan event in Germany next week, but it turns out their hopes were a little too high.

The Starfield subreddit was briefly abuzz over a news post that claimed fans could see Redfall and Starfield gameplay at the Bethesda fan get-together on August 26. By the time our colleagues at TechRadar got to the post, it had been updated to clarify "come see a replay of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase gameplay presentations for Redfall and Starfield."

Now, Bethesda appears to have updated the news post again to remove any mention of Starfield being at the fan meetup at all. So there goes that theory.

Starfield will be at Gamesom as part of Bethesda's booth. It mentions that there will be a life-size version of the very large companion robot VASCO for folks to stop and snap a picture with. That may also be where Bethesda ends up showing off the replay of its June gameplay reveal. We aren't expecting anything new though.

As for the rest of the festival, you can check our Gamescom 2022 schedule and see that Xbox does have a livestream planned for next Thursday, August 25. It's planning to show off different games and developers during its six hours of booth coverage, including Minecraft Legends, Microsoft Flight Sim, and Pentiment. No Starfield mentioned, sorry.

There's also the Opening Night Live showcase on Tuesday, August 23 hosted by Geoff Keighley. If Bethesda were turning up on the ONL stage, I'd have expected Keighley to tease it already like he does with a big chuck of the lineup. I won't count out the possibility of being surprised, but since we saw a pretty lengthy dive on gameplay just two months ago I imagine Bethesda just doesn't have anything fresh for our eyes until later this year.

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