Stardew Valley mod makes finding the last fish you need for your bundle much easier

A Stardew Valley farmer standing on a small island, surrounded by visible fish
(Image credit: shekurika)

Like most fishing minigames, fishing in Stardew Valley is controversial. Not everyone cares for the vanilla experience, the little tap-tap-bounce to try and reel one in—finding it finicky, frustrating, or just plain boring. There are a number of mods that make fishing easier or skip it altogether, but even for those who like the fishing experience, it can't be disputed that finding the right fish, when you just want to help Jody make a fish casserole for dinner or fill out a bundle, can sometimes become a bit of an errand.

A new "Visible Fish" mod from shekurika on Nexus Mods makes it just that bit easier. With it, you can see which fish are in the water before you cast your rod—no more enticing shadows that turn out to be cans of cola.

The mod has additional options, including changing the maximum amount of fish on the map, and the density of fish per water tile. A 200% density is two fish per tile, which would make a lot of casserole. It would also let players fill out those junimo bundles a lot faster, if they so choose—at least the fishy ones, I don't know if you're going to get through your seasonal veggies any faster. Let's be honest though: there's probably a mod for that, too.

You can download the Visible Fish mod from Nexus Mods, where the Stardew Valley modding community is still thriving even five years after its initial release. Lauren recently rounded up a list of Stardew Valley mods, which includes a fishing overhaul mod, yes, but also (equally importantly) additional cat textures.

Thanks, Polygon.


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