StarCraft 2's new user interface detailed

StarCraft 2 new UI

If you've played the original StarCraft, the above screen might look a little familiar—that's because it recalls the campaign selection screen featured in Brood War. It's also how Starcraft 2's campaign select menu is going to look when patch 3.0 hits, for all three chapters of Blizzard's shiny strategy game.

Blizzard has detailed the user interface changes in a blog post, and in the following video, so you've no excuse to be surprised when your game suddenly looks a bit different after you boot it up. Joining that nicer, cleaner menu are a bunch of other nicer, cleaner menus that seem a little easier to navigate than the old ones. The Arcade will soon be updated to make it quicker to join a game, while Chat is getting a whole host of improvements to make yammering a less cumbersome affair.

There's no date for the patch yet, but it's pretty well detailed so it doesn't seem like it's too far out. We do know when Legacy of the Void will release, however: November 10.

Tom Sykes

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