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Star Wars: Dark Forces is getting a fan remake from an Obsidian developer

A senior environment artist at Obsidian, Jason Lewis, is creating a fan remake of Star Wars: Dark Forces, which introduced the world to Kyle Katarn and the joys of shooting Stormtroopers in first-person back in 1995. So far, he's been able to make a recreation of the first level that can be traversed from start to finish, screenshots of which can be found on his Artstation page

It's shaping up very nicely, especially when compared to its predecessor from two-decades prior. As well as exteriors, Lewis has been working on the interiors of the Empire's base, which look appropriately menacing and shiny. In his most recent update, posted three months ago, he said the environments were mostly done. 

We need fodder for our blasters, of course, so the next challenge is making a Stormtrooper. Lewis isn't a character artist, so he says he'll need help with the human characters, though he's also going to give it a try himself. 

Another of Lewis' Star Wars projects was also spotted by YouTuber BlueDrake42. It's called Docking Bay 94 and recreates the hive of scum and villainy that is Mos Eisley. BlueDrake conflates the two projects in his video, but apparently they're separate. You can actually play the Docking Bay 94 demo, too, so grab it here

While the sequel was light years better, I've still got a soft spot for ol' Dark Forces, which 10-year-old Fraser was immediately sold on by the promise of playing Doom but in Star Wars. And if Doom can get a flashy modern remake, why not this? 

If you're more of a racer than a shooter, there's always the Star Wars Episode I: Racer remake that's in the works. 

Cheers, Kotaku

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