Star Wars Battlefront 2 launches first official patch

Star Wars Battlefront 2 launched last week and, as you might have noticed, was met with resistance in light of its now temporarily removed microtransactions. Away from this ongoing issue, though, EA has released the game's first official patch, targeting a host of gameplay, user interface and HUD issues. 

Patch 0.2 is now live, within which I count 45 nips and tucks to the existing game. This includes fixing the issue where save data was erased if starting the game with no controllers connected, for example, and the bug that caused Rey's lightsaber to sometimes disappear. 

Moreover, games should no longer freeze if players attempt to pause the game at certain zone transitions, while a number of typos have been corrected within Trooper Milestone information.    

"As you know, we have made several changes to the game already—but this will be our first official patch," says the developer via this blog post. "This first patch is specifically focused on issues we found during the later stage of development, as well as addressing some critical gameplay and user interface problems across the game. We have also made major improvements to our games stability and performance across all platforms to make the gameplay experience better for everyone.

"Rest assured, we will focus strongly on improving the game based on the feedback we get from everyone in our community in our upcoming patches. So, stay tuned, and if you have the time to give us your feedback on our official forums, we really appreciate it."

Star Wars Battlefront 2's update 0.2 is live now—full patch notes can be found over here.