Star Trek Online Season 3 update adds Borg tech and mission creator

Star Trek Online

The latest free update to Star Trek Online has arrived, letting players loot high tech Borg components that can be slotted into Starships to make them Borg-awesome. The update also revamps sector space to give it a new look, and introduces the open beta of the Foundry, which will let players create their own Star Trek missions.

Season three will also let you hop into the Holodeck to replay previous missions for experience gains and greater rewards. Nearly every mission in the game is now replayable.

The new Borg items can be earned through Special Task Force missions, and can be attached to your ship for performance bonuses. Installing these upgrades makes optional changes to the look of your ship as well, ideal if you dig that 'just-assimilated' look.

Sector Space has been overhauled as well. It used to be a big glowing blue forest of icons, with oversized ships inching their way between pea sized planets. Now it looks a lot more like space. Players now navigate a vast star map with only a minimalist HUD to distract from the interstellar vista.

The new Foundry system is also going live, letting anyone create their own missions. The Foundry lets players create their own sectors of space and form missions using the huge selection of characters and planet locations in Cryptic's database.

These changes go live with the latest update, which has just been released, but there are plenty more changes planned for the near future, including the following:

  • Gorn Customization: Additional ways to customize your Gorn characters.
  • Exchange Updates: Improvements to the Exchange to make the experience more holistic.
  • New Loading Screens: More eye candy while you wait.
  • C-Store Additions: Including the Star Trek Motion Picture uniform, Open Jacket Uniform Variants, new ships and more.
  • Klingon-Specific Updates: Access to Pi Canis, a 200-day Veteran Reward, crafting and more!
  • New Item Sets: New STF and crafting rewards.

The full list of changes can be found listed on the Star Trek Online site.

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