Star Trek Online players held a torchlit vigil for Aron Eisenberg in Quark's Bar

(Image credit: What Happens on the Holodeck, Stays on the Holodeck)

Aron Eisenberg, who played the Ferengi Nog in all seven seasons of Deep Space Nine, as well as appearing as Kar in an episode of Voyager, died on September 21. The much-loved actor was honored by fans in Star Trek Online—in which he also appeared, voicing Nog during the tutorial—with a torchlight vigil at Quark's Bar.

Redditor u/omega173 posted in the Star Trek Online subreddit that, "Aron Eisenberg will sorely be missed. Ds9 would have never been the same without him. And His reprisal as Nog in Star Trek online added a much needed boost not only to the Starfleet Tutorial but the iconian Arc as well. Before they added Nog as the captain of the chimera to the Tutorial it always felt like the story started on a boring note. Aron Eisenberg took the role as Nog both in Ds9 and in Sto and made it his own. Rip Aron Eisenberg. 🕯️🖖🏻"

Other players posted images of the vigil both on the subreddit and the Facebook page What Happens on the Holodeck, Stays on the Holodeck.

Eisenberg's cause of death has not been released. He turned 50 this year.

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