Star Trek Online: more levels, weekly content

"Every week we plan to have something new for players to do," Star Trek Online's executive producer Daniel Stahl told . Cryptic's plan is to emulate the weekly, episodic "tee vee shows" that Star Trek was apparently based on in the distant past, before it was made into a movie for the first time ever in 2009.

They're preparing to release their Season Two patch, which will raise the level cap to 51 and unlock a fifth tier of ships for Vice Admirals and their sweaty Klingon equivalents, the Lieutenant Generals. You'll also be venturing into fluidic space to fight the Undine in their home dimension, which is a little bit rude if you ask me. You can read all the additions here .

Obviously the weekly content won't be on that scale - he cited something more along the lines of a new quest every week. I'd love to see new content in a game as often as that - who the hell wouldn't? Do you think they'll keep it up, though?

[ MMOGames via Slashdot ]