Star Citizen's FPS module nearing release

Star Citizen damage

Various Star Citizen details and footage emerged out of PAX East, and the Roberts Space Industries website, yesterday. Firstly—as you may have noticed from that headline—we're told that the promised FPS module is nearing release. As the February Monthly Report puts it, "As you read this, Arena Commander 1.1 is hitting the PTU [persistent universe], and we expect to make it available on the live server in the very near future. Once we pass that milestone, it’ll be time for the first public release of FPS… so stay tuned, exciting things are coming!"

The RSI site also brings word of a new damage model coming to the game, which as ever appears to be exhaustively detailed. That image up there is a sign of what to expect, namely surface and paint damage, and dents, before damage starts the affect the functionality of your ships. There's a video detailing all of this below.

During the PAX event yesterday, the devs showed a few of the advancements made to the FPS module since the last time we saw it—essentially, they've redone the animations and HUD. They also took the time to "reintroduce" the high-end Aegis Retaliator vessel, via a video that looks a lot like one of those awful aspirational car adverts. You can find that below.

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