Star Citizen crowdfunding reaches $14 million, brings new features

In-progress space sim Star Citizen has achieved $14 million in crowdfunding support, according to a recent announcement on its official website. Reaching the funding goal for the Chris Roberts-designed game means the promise of additional features and opens the door for more content at higher funding levels, should it reach them.

With the $14 million goal reached, Star Citizen should include a "Hibernation" mode that allows pilots to power-down their starships somewhere deep in space, adding what looks like a risk-free way to leave the game and return at a later time. The in-game Earth will also be getting a fourth landing option, with the specific city still unknown. The final perk of this funding level means the production of a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Star Citizen.

Even before this announcement, we already knew the game had achieved a remarkable amount of support, but the developers' ambition won't be satisfied at even the current funding level. According to its website, should Star Citizen reach $15 million in funding, a new escort carrier ship will be added to the game as well as a lengthy handbook for backers detailing the customization features of the game's star ships. The $16 million goal would see the creation of an PvP arena mode for combat training as well as a complementary laser pistol sidearm for supporters of the project.

It's certainly a noteworthy achievement in crowdfunded game development, but it's also important to look behind the dollar signs at the people who are represented by all that successful fundraising. They are interested and eager enough in the potential of this game to give so much to it and if the scope of Star Citizen seems grandiose, then the interest of so many in inhabiting its universe can be read as equally boundless.

Thanks, joystiq .