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Star Citizen has raised $10M and counting, enough for Roberts to build his own universe

Star Citizen's Kickstarter campaign demonstrated that you don't need a publisher to make an ambitious space trading sim MMO thing - and now the Roberts Space Industries site has shown that you don't even need Kickstarter. In addition to the two-and-change million dollars Chris Roberts and co managed to drum up on the funding site alone, they've raised $7.9 million via RSI (no, not Repetitive Strain Injury), bringing the total to a cool $10 million, or enough to afford their own private universe. Probably. Or at the very least, one of the more leper-free Caribbean islands.

Does that set a new record for crowdfunding? I'm fairly sure it does, at least when it comes to games. We recently had a chat with RSI's Chris Roberts - have a read to see how far the game has come over the last few months.

Thanks, Blues News .